Bringing a sacrifice.

In the Old Testament, people had to bring sacrifices to God as part of their worship.  When Jesus came, He didn’t bring a sacrifice, He was the sacrifice.

If we bring ourselves as a sacrifice, we are giving God our all, and this is exactly what He deserves, bearing in mind what he sacrificed for us.  We worship Him with what we do with our hands, what we watch with our eyes, what we listen to with our ears and so on.  This is also to do with purity.  In the Old Testament, people were to bring lambs, bulls and other sacrifices that were ‘without fault’.  They couldn’t wander over to their flock and pick out their dodgy three-legged sheep, or pick a bull from the herd that was on its last legs, or a bird that was injured or blind.  They were told to give their best.

It’s no different for us (except we’re giving ourselves, not our sheep!):  we are called to offer our bodies at their very best – a holy offering to God.  Remember, what we offer to God shows what we think He is worth.  By offering Him our very best, we demonstrate that we really believe He is worthy of it.

What do you offer to God in worship?

Is there something you need to give up in order to show Him what He’s worth to you?

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