Good Days and Bad Days.

What do you get if you combine glorious weather, 200 water balloons, numerous plastic bins, about 30 teenagers and gallons and gallons of water?
One awesome afternoon’s entertainment.

In fact, yesterday was a pretty fab day all around.  Church in the morning, followed immediately by a birthday party.  One of Big Boy’s friends at school was having a pottery painting party (you know the ones?).  The pottery painting was on a barge, and was immediately followed by lunch in the marina’s ice cream parlour (sounds a bit American, doesn’t it…).  So that was a tough start to the day (actually, being surrounded by ice cream, staring longingly at this specials board:

…would have crushed a lesser man – I managed to stand firm and hold out until my lunch at home.)
Lunch at home (for me, Big Boy had obviously eaten out!) was followed by the filling of water balloons and a water fight (one could almost use the term ‘epic’ at this point).  When things had calmed down a bit, I was watching a couple of the kids playing swingball.  Foolishly, I had my back to the tap, so didn’t see the three girls approaching, each with a bucket of very chilly water.  I’m proud to say I barely flinched when it hit me 🙂
Ice creams followed, then a very pleasant evening, including watering the garden in the late evening – one of my favourite jobs at this time of year.
All in all, it was a pretty ace day.

Today, on the other hand, I was woken at 4.40 by Little Boy.  I went in to settle him back to sleep (I live in hope…) but he wasn’t having any of it.  In my half-asleep, half-grouchy state, I picked him up from his cot, only to drop him straight down the front of the chest of drawers, creating three almost instant bruises and very loud screaming.  I was, of course, now wide awake having tried to catch him on the way down and partly succeeded.  Not such a great start to the day.  Thankfully, he rallied quickly, with the aid of a bottle of milk, and has been absolutely fine all day.
(Note, I wrote this on Monday, but am publishing it today, Tuesday – he’s fine!)

But it happens, doesn’t it.  Some days are just better than others.  But the Psalms remind us that we’re to praise him however the day is turning out.  I have to say, I wasn’t feeling very praisey at about 5 this morning.  Just worried.  But my God is in control, however it looks from where I’m standing.

How’s your day been?

What’s the sign of a good day for you?

How do you remind yourself that God is in control?

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