#Standorfall #Prayer update.

Well, I would have to say that this week went a little something like this:


This is Little Boy’s attempt at standing, and I feel a bit like this is how my week’s gone in terms of #prayer.

He doesn’t walk yet, but he can stand.  Does he appear to you to be standing in readiness to strike down enemy hoardes?  No, not really. But he is standing, nonetheless.  It’s been a crazy-busy week here (first week of a new academic year) and arguably an odd time to choose for starting the whole #standorfall thing.  But I figured that standing for God is important however busy we are, so why not give it a crack this week.

On the plus side, I’ve definitely given more time and thought to prayer than I would have done if I’d not had #standorfall in mind.  That’s kind of what the first point in my ‘pledge’ for the week was aimed at.  Although I’ve not given as much time as I might have hoped at the outset, it’s definitely had a positive effect on how I prioritise prayer.  There’s still a lot of improvements to be made 🙂

The other point I mentioned was praying for the people I live and work with.  I’ve definitely been a lot more deliberate about that than I have been in the past, and it’s formed a big part of my prayers this week.  I feel that’s gone well.  On the down side, it may have come at a cost – I think it’s probably just replaced other things to pray for, rather than adding to them!

Also, it’s been interesting to see how much time I spend talking at God.  When I have conversations with Big Boy, I often say, ‘will you just listen to what I’m saying’.  Yet when I’m talking with God, I rarely leave Him any space to get a word in.  I love people listening to me, but I’m not so great when it comes to listening to God.

So, that’s a summary of how things have gone for me in the #prayer stakes.  Some good stuff, but so much more growing to do.

How has your week gone?


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2 Responses to #Standorfall #Prayer update.

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    I thought about prayer for the first couple of days, when you were tweeting it, and was really conscious about praying more. It was good. Then I forgot about it. I hold you entirely responsible. 😉

    • nickparish says:

      Oh dear. I hadn’t even considered the extra pressure of letting others down with the inadequacy of my broadcasts 🙂 I will try harder this week.
      I’m just about to write the next week’s plan. It’s linked this week, for me at least, to parenting. I need to develop more of this particular characteristic if my boys are going to live anything other than angelic lives (which they’re currently not doing very well at…)

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