#standorfall #patience

Right, so last week went ok.  Not brilliantly, but ok.

This week, I’m straying away from the traditional Spiritual Disciplines.  I’m straying for a good reason – I need to be more patient, and I need it now.  (Yes, I can see the irony in that statement)

I’m a Dad.  I’m a lot of other things too, but that’s pretty much the main one in terms of my time.  My wife is in full time paid employment, I deal with the boys.  I need to be more patient with them.  Particularly right now.  Let me give you a couple of examples:

Last week, we were driving home from a family birthday party.  We generally have sweets in the car for long journeys, but try to avoid pigging out on them.  On this journey, the sweets in question were jelly babies.  Big Boy and I are both big fans.  Well, Big Boy asked for a jelly baby and was told to wait a while, as we’d only recently had one.  To cut a long story short, we were then treated to a sustained period of screaming ‘I want one NOW’ from the back of the car.  (If you happen to know Big Boy, you will find this a slightly odd story – he’s generally pretty even tempered.  Unfortunately, there’s a stage we’re going through at the moment that is about as far from even tempered as you can get)  A couple of nights ago, we had another screaming fit before bed, which resulted in a sore throat.  Tonight, it was shouting (not quite screaming) blowing raspberries (the spitty type, not the nice type!) ignoring requests and generally trying to inflict damage on Daddy.  This all requires patience.  More patience than I feel I have. 

So this week is all about #patience.  Feel free to pray for me (and the boys!!).  I figure one thing that’s pretty good to remember is that God has amazing patience with me.  I mess up time and time again, and He’s still there for me, still loves me and still wants to help me to change.


Any plans for your week?

Any tips for me on the patience front?

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