Boys and toys.

We have two boys.  They like toys.  We also have many generous friends who give the boys toys.  We also give the boys toys.

You would think, then, that the boys have plenty to play with.  But no.  Let me give you a couple of examples:

Today, Little Boy has played with the following toys:

A wooden train.
Some Happyland (a range of toys from the Early Learning Centre)
Some wooden skittles.
A couple of items from the toy kitchen.

However, Little Boy has also played with:
My car key.
Our friend’s keys.
Our friend’s Bible.
The washing machine.
The dishwasher.
The recycling.
The XBox memory card.
The remote controls.
The DVDs on the table.
The CDs on the shelves.
The cookery books.
The cushions.
My shoes.

I could go on, but the list would just get to a silly length.

To be fair to Little Boy, he is only one.

So is Big Boy, who is 5,  any different?  Well, yes and no.

He plays with his own toys a lot.  He’s really into lego at the moment, which is great.  However, he also likes his brother’s toys.  Little Boy’s birthday present from Big Boy was a train from the Happyland range.  But having given Little Boy his present, Big Boy refused point blank to allow him to play with it.  It’s probably the item that’s caused the most disquiet over the last few weeks.  Big Boy ends up telling Little Boy he’s naughty, and shouting at him, and we have to remind him that it’s actually Little Boy’s present.  From him!

So, why am I telling you this?  You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s to demonstrate how amazingly patient I have to be.  But actually it’s not.  It’s because I’m exactly like my boys.  We all are.

God gives us the most amazing things, but they’re not enough.  We want more, we fight for more, we take what isn’t ours, play with stuff we were supposed to have given away, and lack appreciation for what we’ve got.  Isn’t that crazy?

What do you need to show more gratitude for?

Are there ways in which you can be more generous?

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