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Ok, perhaps this is a slightly odd one.  Perhaps not…

I finished the last post by saying ‘the heart of worship is the heart’.  This week, I’m going to spend a bit of time thinking about worship.  I say this is a bit of an odd one, because I’m not just doing worship this week, which is the normal aim.  I suppose it’s a combination of study and worship, because I intend to spend a bit of time looking into worship again.  The Isaiah passage I finished with last week was a reminder that God isn’t looking for good singers, or nice people, He’s looking for people whose hearts are focused on Him.  Your singing voice might be reminiscent of the noise an injured crow makes, but if it’s for God, He loves it.  In the same way that when my son draws me a picture, I’m unlikely to view it with the critical eye of an artist, but accept it as a delighted Father.

Although I’m not aiming solely to ‘do’ worship this week, I will certainly be trying to spend a bit more time in worship through song this week.  That’s something our church doesn’t particularly prioritise, which I really struggle with.  I’ve got a guitar and a piano (though I haven’t mastered playing them both at once yet) and I do enjoy it, which is a good start.  However, I’ll be trying to think a bit more about how my heart fits into it all.  It can be easy with a catchy tune and good lyrics to just have a nice sing-song, but I think the Bible’s pretty clear that ‘nice sing-song’ and ‘worship’ aren’t the same.

So, what am I actually going to do this week?  Well, I’m going to read chapter 51 of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.  It’s on worship.  I’m also going to make sure that I take time as often as I can to sit down at the piano or with the guitar and worship in that way.  Finally, I’m going to spend some time thinking about what worship in my life is and how I can worship God better.


Do you ever find it hard to concentrate on the words you’re singing, rather than just enjoying a nice singalong?

What do you think is the most important part of worship?

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