#standorfall #worship update

Now that I come to write this update (and I’m aiming for an early night, so it shouldn’t be a long read!) I find myself wondering how I could #fall on this one.  I suppose if I hadn’t read the chapter from Grudem on worship, that might have counted, but I did read it (and enjoy it, too).  But in many ways, I suppose this week of focussing a little more on worship has not just been a case of #standing, but a case of learning and growing.  I guess that’s part of the reason we need to #stand.  Because as we live out our lives for God, He blesses us and helps us to grow.

I’ve already written about worship from a place of struggle and frailty.  I think the more I think about that post, the more I wonder if perhaps it sounded a little negative, whereas the reality was that it was an amazing discovery of God’s grace at work in the toughest of circumstances.

I’ve also written about seeing worship as simply glorifying God.  That means that we’ve got to get our hearts sorted out a bit.  Remember Isaiah 1 (and plenty of other times in the Bible) where God’s having a go at His people because they appear to be doing the right thing, but they’ve completely lost sight of why they’re doing it, so they’re doing it in the wrong way.  They’re just going through the motions.  Big Boy, at the moment, is going through a bit of a shouty stage.  When he says (shouts!) “I’M SORRY” to me, I know that, while he’s saying the right thing, his heart isn’t really in it.  If I can suss that out, then how much more able is God to figure out when my heart is in the right place.  I absolutely love it when Big Boy says sorry nicely and gives me a cuddle, (though it would be nice if he didn’t do stuff wrong in the first place, I guess…) and I welcome him with open arms when he does.  But I don’t accept an apology that’s shouted angrily in my direction.  Why should God accept my empty worship?

God loves me more than I can imagine, and more than I would dare ask.  He delights to relate to me and treat me like His child.  My worship is a response to that.  A dim but heartfelt attempt to glorify Him in my life.

Do you think worship helps you stand for God?

What’s your current favourite worship song?

P.S.  Tomorrow morning, I’m playing the piano at church.  The piano is beyond lousy, and the songs are not really the type I’d choose.  Please pray that I’m able to focus on glorifying God, not on duff notes and songs best left in the 80s…


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