On a good day.

Today I am tired.  There is no mystery to why I am tired.  It is just a lack of sleep.  Simple.  The solution is, sadly, not so simple, because the boys, coupled with living in a boarding school, do not produce an environment where sleep is available in abundance.  But anyway, that’s not really relevant.  I wanted to blog today to tell you what I want to be.  This is what I want on a good day.  I have plenty of days when it’s all a bit me me me focused.  But on a good day, this is what I want to be.

It’s a light, if you’re wondering…

You might think, at this point, that I’m slightly mad.  Or perhaps you’d go further and brand me a stark-raving lunatic.  Either way, I hope you won’t still think that when I’ve finished explaining.  But if you do still think I’m crazy, feel free to pop back and see what happens next on the blog; it could be pretty wild 🙂

But anyway, like I say, this is what I want to be on a good day.  Perhaps that leaves you asking questions…

“Does he mean he wants to be surrounded by grass all day” (well, I wouldn’t mind)

“Is it a particularly fine specimen of bulb, known well by light-geeks, but unknown to normal people?”

“Why would anyone want to be a light?”  “Is the fact that it’s an uplighter somehow significant?”

Well, that last question is where we’re heading really.  I don’t suppose many people walk past this light and think what a fine specimen it is (sorry to all you lighting technicians reading this).  In fact, I imagine most people don’t really notice this light.  Until it’s dark, that is.  And even then, they probably don’t notice the light itself.  But that’s not what the light is there for.  It isn’t there to be noticed.  It’s there to give light, in darkness.  It’s there so that something else can be noticed.  And specifically, it’s there to do this:

That’s why I want to be like that light.

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2 Responses to On a good day.

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    Love this. Thank you.

    • nickparish says:

      You’re welcome. It was just one of those things. I was wandering past our chapel on the way to watch some hockey yesterday afternoon, and I saw the light and thought what a great job it did. Like I say, I’m bound to get it pretty wrong pretty often, and it probably appears that the bulb’s blown from time to time, but at the heart of it all, I want to be like that light.

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