Prepare the way.

You know that phrase, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord’?

I’ve always thought of it in terms of the town crier.  ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’, and all that jazz.  Someone who shouts a lot.  Hey, maybe even while ringing a bell.

And that certainly is one way of preparing the way.  It’s a way of announcing that the Lord is coming.

But I was thinking about it this week, and I remembered our neighbour when we lived in Pakistan.  When Princess Diana was due to visit Islamabad (the capital city, which is where we lived) our friend was given the responsibility of making sure that the right soap was available in the bathroom that Princess Diana might have occasion to use during the course of her official trip to open something-or-other.

And I wondered if sometimes for us, ‘preparing the way for the Lord’ might be a bit like that.  It’s not all about wearing a funny hat and shouting (I hope that this doesn’t come as a disappointment to anyone…), sometimes it’s just making sure people are prepared in the little things.  It’s making little steps to prepare people to be in Jesus’ company.  Letting them know of the little things that He wants to see in each one of us, not just the big shouty stuff about Him coming one day.

What ways do you think we can help people to prepare?

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