Water from an Ancient Well [book]


Can I use that word to describe a book?  As I started to read it, that’s what I felt.  It seemed as though the words were offering a soothing touch.  Many books these days are written with a more firm air of assurance.  The market is being innundated with books that are self-help books loosely based on scripture.  They almost aggressively urge us to get our lives in order and be the best we can be.  Water from an ancient well is refreshingly different.  The author does not point us in a certain direction and order us to start running, rather, we are invited to sit and drink deep of wisdom that goes back hundreds of years.  That’s not to say we can be privy to some magical knowledge that scriptures failed to mention.  No, it simply means that people down the ages have found the God of scripture to be generous in revealing Himself in other ways too (as the scriptures themselves testify).

I’ve not yet finished reading the book, but the author himself states in the introduction that it is not intended to be read simply in linear fashion.  I’ve perused the chapter headings and will dip into them as I feel I need.

I’m no expert in Celtic Christianity, so I can’t comment in any depth on the academic robustness of this book, but I can say that I found it an enjoyable read.  Celtic Christianity was interwoven with themes from nature.  Some people today might find it hard to allow nature to bear such a spiritual weight, but from a Christian point of view, I reckon that, as long as our appreciation and understanding of creation serves to inform and increase our understanding and appreciation of the Creator, we’re not going to go far wrong.

The theme of water, in particular, runs through many of the chapters of this book (excuse the pun…).  Here is one quote from the chapter, Be Thou My Vision:  God in the Everyday.  It is referring to living all life for and with God, including the small things we do day by day.

Doing the little things …
can create a canal system of life-giving spiritual water.
Without it, our souls may become arid and barren.
God longs to irrigate the everyday soil of our lives. All
we have to do is clear the channels through which Divine
grace can flow.

See what I mean by soothing?


I was sent an ecopy of this book by Speakeasy in order to review it.

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