It’s Christmas.

The fact that it’s Christmas probably doesn’t come as a shock to any of you…

The Word became flesh, and made His dwelling among us.

Big Boy has just told me that all he wants is to open more presents.  This is a step in the wrong direction from last night’s prayer, where he prayed that we’d remember that today is about when Jesus came.  Hey ho, he’s only six.

…to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God

I don’t know what you have got or will be getting in your stocking/from under the tree (or wherever you traditionally find presents!).  I don’t know if you’ll be getting what you want.  But isn’t it remarkable that the be st present we’re given is also the whole reason we give presents.  The first Christmas gift ever is the one thing we truly need.

And what are you giving?  How many of the gifts you’ve chosen were thoughtful?  How many were based on your knowledge of the recipient?  How many were last minute?

Do you expect gifts on your birthday?  Because, actually, Jesus likes presents too.  Do you know what He wants for Christmas?  All He wants for Christmas, to paraphrase a well-known song, is you.

Happy Christmas everyone 🙂

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