Two days running.

I think it’s about time I started Googling, ‘Olympic Training Venues’.  Can anyone tell me how I go about nominating myself for the next olympics?  You see, I’ve been for a run two days in a row, and I think it’s about time I started planning my future in athletics. 

One of my resolutions this year was to run the Parker 100.  This is a challenge at school that involves running 100 miles over the course of this (10 week) term.  Up until yesterday (three weeks in) I’d managed a rather meagre 7 miles.  The particularly sharp mathmeticians among you will have noted that the required weekly average for 100 miles in 10 weeks is 10 miles.  Averaging two and a third miles a week is, therefore, to fall rather a long way short of target.

However, as I started saying, I’ve been for a run two days in a row now.  My first run for the Parker 100, way back near the start of January, was one of those occasions where, apart from the times you’re wishing a sudden death upon yourself, you spend the run simply trying to convince yourself that it’s a good idea really.  Yesterday’s run, however, was the first day (this year) I went for a run without stopping for a heart-restoring walk every now and again.  Today’s run was the same; 3 miles straight without stopping.  Although this is not a particularly Herculean achievement (and my pace wouldn’t exactly keep me level with Seb Coe), it does represent two key milestones. 

1)  I can run (ok, stagger…) for three miles without stopping to die.

2)  I have been running two days in a row. 

Neither of these may seem worthy of comment, but the fact of the matter is, they are a step on the way (if you’ll pardon the pun) to achieving something greater.  You can’t run 100 miles in 10 days without going running (don’t anyone mention treadmills at this point!)

And that’s true of pretty much all my resolutions.  They are not a single achievable thing but rather things which require a sustained change in my life.  Generally, a reallocation of time to something which should be a priority in my life but isn’t (or isn’t enough of one, at least).

It’s also true of the things I’m writing about over at BigBible.  Holy Habits are, like all habits, things which develop over time. 

Which brings me back to running. 

You see, I had been wondering when I was going to fit the running in.  Then I found a bit of time in the day when I could.  There’s about a half-hour slot after Little Boy has gone down for his nap and before our cleaner goes home where I can go out.  If I get myself disciplined about it, then it might even become a habit.  And if it’s a habit, there’s a chance I might catch up with my 100 miles before the end of term.

As an added bonus, that half hour of running round the Derbyshire countryside (well, a very small bit of the Derbyshire countryside, anyway) is a chance for me to pray, too.  There’s not much else I can do out there (other than gasping for air, obviously) and it moves me towards achieving another of my resolutions. 

Over to you

How are you doing with any resolutions you committed yourself to?

Who’s cheering you on?

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