Another go at Silence.

So, after the first attempt, I said I’d try again.  And I did.  Last time wasn’t an abject failure, but neither was it a roaring success.  So this time, I changed things slightly.  I decided to spend the silent hour walking again, but this time took a route that I didn’t need a map for, so that my journey would not become something that distracted me from its purpose…  The second time round, the route was slightly shorter, but I figured it would take about an hour (it did!) 

There are a handful of friends who I can sit in a room with, in absolute silence, and feel completely comfortable.  As I did my silent walk, I decided that maybe that was part of the learning process when it comes to being silent as a spiritual discipline.  You see, the vast majority of my time, I have a tendency to fill the gaps in the silence.  I find myself doing the same thing in my prayers.  I guess my thinking is, God’s not speaking, so I may as well.  If he’s not going to say anything, I will.  And yet, perhaps that suggests a lack of comfort in His presence.  So as I wandered through the fields, I made the effort just to take time to say nothing.  I enjoyed His creation.  I wasn’t completely silent in my brain, but I tried to keep as focused as I could on the point of my walk, which was to enjoy being silent with God. 

So, although I wouldn’t say I heard Him say anything in particular, perhaps it resulted in a subtle shift in my thinking.  Perhaps I’ve taken a step towards a greater willingness to be silent.  A willingness to enjoy being in His presence, rather than simply awaiting a bolt of inspiration, or speaking when none comes. 

What about you?

Do you find silence easy or difficult?

What have you learnt from silence?

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