Back where it belongs.

This year, I’ve been working on a few resolutions.  Coupled with this, I’m blogging over at BigBible on Spiritual Disciplines.  This requires more than just more effort in the writing department of my brain.  It requires action.

In my little video on the Spiritual Disciplines intro, I pledged to make 2013 a clean-shaven year.  This wasn’t some sort of strange, anti-Nazarite approach to life.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  It was an outward sign of a decision to develop certain disciplines in order to develop my relationship with God.  Well, it’s going ok so far.  I’ve not actually shaved today, but I was up at half one this morning with a puke-monster child, and my day’s been slightly out of kilter since.  There’re still plenty of hours in the day to catch up 🙂

But what’s ended up being more important than the shaving itself is what I do with the time spent shaving.  You see, there are now a few minutes of (almost) every day where I’m trapped in front of a mirror.  Prime time for prayer, I say.  Generally, the focus of my prayer at this time is to do with seeking God’s help in changing me through my engagement with the Disciplines.  However, it’s also a time when I can pray for other stuff too.

Another of my resolutions concerned running.  The target was 10 miles a week.  Given that I missed the target for a few weeks, it’s now had to increase to 15 miles a week.  Last week, however, I actually hit my distance target.  For the first time.  But, again, it’s not just a case of running.  I’ve discovered this is another part of my day which can be turned to prayer.  Obviously, I find myself praying that I’ll survive the run, but I also find that it’s a good time to seek guidance, bring God my concerns and so on.

Not a bad view eh?  Doesn't really make the running easier though.

Not a bad view eh? Doesn’t really make the running easier though.

And then last week, I had a realisation.  (I can be a bit dim, spiritually…)  I realised that I’d started turning my shaving time over to God.  And I’d started turning my running (and walking…) time over to Him too.  And I thought to myself that perhaps this was part of the Disciplines (spiritually dim, remember!)  That actually, in the shaving and the running, I was turning parts of my life over to God.  I’m beginning, albeit slowly and stumblingly, to put bits of my life back where they belong – under God’s gaze and control.  It’s a gradual process, but a vital one.

What about you?

How do you go about giving time to God?

Have you had any spiritual realisations recently?

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