Studying someone.

Below is a comment I made on the BigBible website, under my own post on the spiritual discipline of study.  The idea is to study someone and through that study to learn more of God.  (Check out the post here)  I figured it was worth putting the list here as well.


Ok, perhaps it’s time for me to declare my hand.

My intention is primarily to study Hosea. If I have a chance, I’ll also look into the life of Mother Teresa (my Little Boy is currently foiling my plans to study by being ill…)

If you’re still wondering who to study, then here are some suggestions of books I’ve read and reviewed:

Verena Schiller:
Hudson Taylor:  (I prefer the ‘J. Hudson Taylor; A Man in Christ’ version, though I can’t find my review of it and other titles are available)
Andrew White, The Vicar of Baghdad:
A couple of MAF books:
Wings Like Eagles:
Eyes Turned Skyward:

As for books I’ve read but not reviewed:

The Cross and the Switchblade  —  Dramatic stories from New York’s street gangs

John and Betty Stam, Missionary Martyrs  —  Pretty much what the title says!

Kriss Akabusi  —  Sports star, journey through life and faith

‘Fire in the Hills’ and ‘The coming of the Rain’  —  both stories of God at work in Rwanda

‘The Heavenly Man’  —  The story of a Chinese Christian.

And about a billion others…  Feel free to add recommendations to the list!

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