words, words, words, words, Word.

“Sweetheart, go to the toilet and then go back to bed”.

My first words this morning.  At 2:20.

“No, it’s the middle of the night, it’s not time to be awake.”

That’s how my second interaction started (At 4:43)


I was mulling this over and thinking how surrounded I am by them.  The radio jabbers away in the background.  words.

Conversations at the lunch table:  “So, who’s had the most exciting day so far?”  words.

The phone rings.  words.

A delivery from the postman.  more words.

A discussion with our cleaner about the dishwasher.  words.

words, words, words, words.

And as I compose this sentence in my head.  words.  Tumbling around and being replaced, honed, employed.

The conversation seems never ending.  My Little Boy (just over one-and-a-half) is trying his hand at the whole ‘words’ thing.  ‘Bye’; ‘Door’; ‘Uh-oh’; ‘Grrrr’ (generally saved for pigeons).  Sounds start, then the words begin to form.  He learns what to say because he listens.


When did I stop listening?

The words rarely stop in my head.  In a conversation, I spend so much time thinking of my next words.  Advice, humour, rebuke, information.  All words.




Because He speaks too.  All too often, the words in my head drown out the Word.  I need to listen more.  He speaks through others.  The Word through words.  He speaks through His creation.  The Word through beauty, majesty and awe.  He speaks through His Son, His most clear Word.  Am I listening?


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One Response to words, words, words, words, Word.

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    Lovely meditation – thank you.

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