Who should I pray for?

I write this following on from the God52 challenge this week.  But I’ll come back to that at the end…

A while back, we had a few talks at school that covered some of the basics of the Christian faith.  I was mulling over who to invite.  Lots of possibilities … people I’ve had chats about faith with, for example.

And then it suddenly struck me.  I asked myself the question, ‘who shouldn’t I invite?’  And that got me thinking that perhaps I’m in the habit of narrowing things down way too much.  I think, ‘maybe I should invite so-and-so’, or ‘I had a lovely chat with whatshisname last week, perhaps he’d like to come’.  When, actually, God’s grace, His gift, is open to all, and perhaps I’m a bit limiting in who I invite.

So at lunch the next day, I just went ahead and invited everyone 🙂

Now, as I say, I write this partly in response to this week’s God52 challenge.  The challenge is

12: Ask God to draw your attention to someone who is not a Christian, and spend time praying that they would come to know him.

And this is vitally important.  This kind of action is crucial for those of us who are Christians.  We’re not inviting people to join a club they might enjoy.  We’re not signing them up to a political party.  We’re inviting them into a relationship with God. 

It’s truly amazing. 

Sadly, I’m a bit of a lazy bandit, and the danger of me doing this sort of thing, is that I end up ticking the box on it, and leaving it at that (this is not a criticism of the God52 challenge, but of me!).

So, I’m accepting the challenge, but I’m also going to be keeping in mind that this is not the end of the matter.  Praying for one person is not ‘job done’.  The invitation is open to all.  I should be too.

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