To be honest…

I just don’t want to wait.

Yesterday, I spent over 40 minutes waiting for something which then didn’t happen.  It was frustrating.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable – it’s not like I want it all.  But I do want it now.  I want to be fitter, but I don’t fancy the process of getting fitter.  I’m longing to be holy, but the process can be laborious at times.  To an extent, I can merrily blame the culture.  We send emails and expect immediate responses.  We tweet and check for replies.  I remember a teacher training session I was in where we were told (and I’m a bit hazy on the precise stats) that teachers often only allow students a third of the time needed to process a question properly.  We ask a student a question, and if they don’t answer within three seconds, we change the question, or ask someone else, where actually, they might have been able to answer if we just allowed them time to process.  We need to wait.

I was lying in bed a couple of nights ago, thinking it would be nice to have a grace download from heaven (this is not a technical term!).  Just lying there envisaging an invisible flood of something-or-other washing over me and making me feel wonderful.  I didn’t fancy waiting.  I didn’t want to benefit from anything other than instantaneous results.  But sometimes waiting is needed.

And then I read the latest offering from God52.  It just told me to stop.  Simple as that.  In some ways, no challenge at all.  Not going anywhere requires no effort.  Not doing anything requires no effort.

Or does it?

Being told to stop this past week was about as likely as good old King Canute being able to hold back the tide.  And yet, waiting is a biblical instruction.  Resting, waiting.  And so I was reminded that, even if this week isn’t a week where I’ll be kicking back and chillaxing, I sometimes just need to be willing to wait.

Over to you.

Do you find it difficult to wait?

Is there a time when waiting has led to a particularly memorable reward for you?

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