Sometimes I wish God would shout at me.

Is that weird?  Probably…

But as a dad, I occasionally resort to shouting.  (As a tired dad, it becomes more frequent … I’ll come back to that).  For example, this morning, Little Boy was sat in front of the CD collection.  Toys are available, but on this occasion, offered no interest.  So, there he was, holding his bottle in his mouth (yes, I know, he should be using a cup) and, with the other hand, reaching up to the CD storage.

‘No sweetheart’, I said.

His hand went down.  Briefly.

‘No sweetheart’, I said again, as he reached up once more.

And down his hand went again.

The next time, I even added, ‘why don’t you play with your toys’ to my sweet rebuke.

It wasn’t long, though, before it was ‘FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, NO!  LEAVE THEM ALONE’.

Big boy had a similar interaction with me regarding dressing himself this morning (if it were a newsreader describing international relations, they would have used a phrase like, ‘the situation is rapidly deteriorating’)

And sometimes I find myself wishing God would do that (though I suspect I’d cry).  Because, like my sons (I suspect there may be some sort of link there…), I’m not always very good at getting things right first time, or even second time.  I wonder if I might respond better with a good hearty roar from heaven.

But the fact of the matter is (given my boys are probably a pretty accurate reflection of myself) I would, in all likelihood, take one of the following options:

1.  Shout back and

  • Change the subject
  • Point out it’s His fault really
  • Say I hadn’t heard the first time
  • Make an utterly irrelevant point in my defence

2.  Go to my room and sulk
3.  Cry and carry on doing (or not doing) whatever it was I shouldn’t (or should) be doing.

But, because I get worse at the whole shouting thing (and everything else) when I’m tired, I also find myself questioning the validity of the approach.  Perhaps I need to pay more attention to modelling (the example-setting type, not the Calvin Klein type) life and following Christ’s model, and less attention to barking orders.

Is it just me?

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2 Responses to Sometimes I wish God would shout at me.

  1. sarawith4 says:

    I can so relate. I’m struggling with direction at the moment. Wishing God would be my sat Nav and shout directions at me. (Ooh that maybe a blog post if its own).

    • nickparish says:

      Yeah – it’s tough, isn’t it. I was thinking more about doing things (or avoiding them) that we already know to be right or wrong, but your point about guidance is just as true. I often feel that a clearer sense of direction, straight from God, would be handy 🙂

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