Lest we forget.

Ever forgotten something important?

No, me neither…

It’s easy to forget stuff, isn’t it.  I remember turning up late for a History lesson because I’d forgotten my timetable and thought it was break time.  Embarrassing.  (Thankfully, this was when I was a kid, not in my teaching days…)

Someone asked me to book a taxi for them last weekend.  My response?  “I’ll do that right now, before I forget”.  But I forgot.  I have no idea how.  It just didn’t stay in my tiny little brain long enough.  Somewhere between my pledge to act immediately and my leaving the room to make the phonecall, I forgot.  Extraordinary.

But it’s important to remember things.  Not just the day-to-day tasks, but the events and history of our lives and the lives of those we share community with.  Our responsibilities.  Our successes and our failures.  Our memory doesn’t just often souvenirs of the past, it equips us for the future.

I’ll be writing a bit more about this over at http://www.bigbible.org.uk next week.  But for now, just a couple of questions.

What memories do you most treasure?

How do you remember things?

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