I’ve been doing some weeding recently.

I find it boring.  Intensely boring.  There’s a minute sense of satisfaction that comes with clearing the weeds and seeing the earth bare, ready for the growth of other things I actually want to grow.  But mostly, weeding is just dull.  And, for that reason, I don’t do it very often at all.  And so weeds tend to flourish. 

But, this week, I bit the bullet, took the bull by the horns and, overdoing the metaphors somewhat, actually did some weeding.  The onion, shallot and garlic bed was somewhat overrun.  So I weeded.  It was a determined effort and only with a (highly unusual) great level of self discipline that I managed to do the whole thing in one sitting (well, one bending…).


And so that’s one more job done in the garden.

But it got me thinking about life, too.

I’m much more interested in doing the exciting things in life, than clearing out the rubbish.  In one of Jesus’ farming parables, He talks about weeds as things which stifle the growth of what the farmer sows.  And this metaphor reminds us that there are things in our lives that need to be cleared out so that we can grow unhindered. 

And so, in the coming days, I’m going to be spending a bit of time figuring out what the weeds are in my life, and then summon up the effort to weed them out.  It might not be the most exciting thing to do, but the growth it allows will be well worth it.

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