We’re waiting…

Over the last few days, we’ve had a heatwave (apparently … it’s a matter perspective, but that’s another story!).

Something that’s amused me every time it’s mentioned is that, as we’re repeatedly told, this is the longest heatwave for seven years.  But is ‘since 2006’ really that long?  They make it sound like ages and ages.  But it’s not really that long.  Sure, for my elder son, it’s  a lifetime, and for the younger, it’s three times more than a lifetime, but seven years isn’t actually that long at all.

And then, of course, there’s the #RoyalBaby that popped out earlier today.  Turn on a news channel and they kept coming back to it.  Reporting news that wasn’t actually news at all.  BBC News were still reporting it as ‘breaking news’ long after lunch.  And by the time the news actually had something to say, it felt like we’d be waiting for yonks before we found out.  Though from beginning to end, it took less than a day.  (My wife’s delighted, and we’ll be heading off to see #TheEasel tomorrow)

We’re often not good with waiting, are we?  A day feels long, a few years since the last heatwave and it’s presented as a lifetime.  So when we have to wait for God, we’re not very practised.  We know what we want, and when we want it, but, if you’re anything like me, we find it frustrating when God doesn’t agree.

There are various things I’m waiting for…  Wisdom … A publisher … sleep … Mundane stuff and big stuff.  But plenty of waiting.  And it can be hard.

What about you?

Is there something you’re waiting for?

Is there someone you could help through a time of waiting?

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