Hearing trouble.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a lovely break in Salcombe, staying with friends.  We enjoyed some fine weather (as well as a little light rain…), yummy food, boat trips, walks, and plenty of time on the beach and in the sea.  It was wonderful.  The only fly in the ointment was that I managed to break my ear.  Leaping into the (rather chilly) water led to me getting that water-in-the-ear thing.  Then my attempts to solve this (I won’t go into gory details!) exacerbated the problem.  And now my ear’s a bit broken.  It just doesn’t work properly.  At first, this was really quite unnerving.  As it’s dragged on into the second week, it’s been a nuisance progressing to a source of constant irritation (and some pain).  Conversations are harder, and either I have to explain myself (which gets boring and sounds a bit lame) or I have to put an awful lot of energy into hearing as much as I can and working out what was in the gaps.  Hearing is something which you can’t normally avoid, so when something’s changed with your hearing, you notice it.  All the time.  So, as I’ve been following doctors orders and pouring olive oil and Otex into my ear (not at the same time), I’ve been getting increasing ratty about it.  A few days in to the problem, I was doing the hoovering and seriously flirted with the idea of hoovering my ear in the hope that this might help.  I managed to resist the urge (my brain’s already shrinking, I can’t afford to expedite the process!). 

But, like so many things in life, it’s got me thinking.  You see, at the moment, I’m struggling to hear stuff.  My right ear has been operating normally, but the fact that my left ear isn’t at the moment seems to confuse my (aforementioned, shrinking) brain.  But it’s got me thinking about spiritual hearing.  This hearing loss coincides with a stage where I’m struggling to (or perhaps just not struggling enough to) prioritise prayer and Bible reading.  And so I’m not ‘hearing’ as much spiritually as I really should be.  But it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as my broken ear.  And I think that’s a problem. 

Surely I should be missing spiritual hearing as much as I miss physical hearing.  And while I’m thinking that, I find myself wondering what the spiritual equivalent of Otex and olive oil is.  And I also find myself wondering whether, once I’ve established what the spiritual equivalent is, I would apply it quite so religiously in an attempt to restore my spiritual hearing. 

What about you?

Any suggestions on dealing with temporary hearing loss?

Any lessons from your own journey on this one?

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2 Responses to Hearing trouble.

  1. Oof! Sounds rough. Good analogy – do you think we assume physical hearing will improve and so we put in the effort – we just need to do a, b, and c and it will get better. But then deep down we don’t really believe we’ll ever ‘hear’ God better than we do already and so we just don’t make the effort?

    As a person who developed tinnitus very suddenly a couple of years ago, I sympathise and suggest distraction and that you keep on nagging your Dr if things don’t improve speedily! (Action on hearing loss may have some good advice, they’re a great organisation!)

    • nickparish says:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      The physical hearing thing is improving (there’s light at the end of the auditory canal, so to speak…). I wonder if hearing problems are not completely dissimilar to living near a trainline – you adjust a little, but when you notice them, you really notice them!
      As for the spiritual problem – yes, I think perhaps we don’t believe we’ll hear better. I, for one, am all too lazy in such things, and really need a kick up the backside

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