Which direction?

“No sweetheart, not through the gate; we’re going straight down the path, not left.”

We’re popping down to the post office.  I’ve got hold of Little Boy on his scooter, while Big Boy’s ahead of us on his bike.  My next words are a little more exasperated:

“Yes, I know you can get to the post office that way, but we’re not going that way, we’re going this way.”

So went our little journey to the post office.  Big Boy had insisted on riding his bike.  Not only that, he insisted on going ahead.  That would have been fine, apart from the fact that he was going the wrong way.  We made it to the post office in one piece.  A little frayed, perhaps, but in one piece nonetheless.  Once there, I did have to point out that riding one’s bike inside the post office was not something I could condone (that’s not quite how I phrased it at the time…).  But other than that, we got to the post office, posted our parcels and got on with the next job.


Some time later, I’m sat at my desk, in a ruminating sort of mood, when it suddenly strikes me (a thought, not my desk) that maybe I do the same sort of thing.  Maybe I forge on ahead, convinced I know where I’m going, only to discover it’s not the route God would have chosen.  Sure, He can call me back, or, in His amazing patience, work within the confines of my blinkers.  But maybe I just need sometimes to walk a little more closely with Him, rather than rushing off thinking I know best.

I’ll be blogging about listening over at BigBible in a couple of days.  Listening is definitely something I need to work on.  I often find I have so much to say, that listening gets squeezed out.  I need to spend some time just tarrying a little with God, listening to see if there’s an instruction for me, rather than shooting off, only to find I have to retrace my steps to get back to Him.

How about you?

Is this an area you find easy, or difficult?

Do you have any tips for tarrying with God?

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2 Responses to Which direction?

  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    I always like your thoughts!

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