Praise through the tears.

I wrote over at BigBible this week about the Holy Habit of praise. I said that developing the habit of praise in the good times might help us to praise God still when the good times vanish and the bad times come. And then we had a little illustration in our own home that helped me to see this in action.
We enjoyed a lovely family holiday last week, but Friday night saw a post-holiday meltdown. To cut rather a long story short, Big Boy (due in no small part to a tiredness that holidays often bring) ended up on a ‘time-out’ (a disciplinary measure to give a child (and their parents!) time to calm down, think about their behaviour and prepare to rectify and move on). During this time-out, he continued to have an angry approach to life, and in his distress and fury was waving things around at the top of the stairs. One of the things he was waving then (completely accidentally!) knocked his toy chainsaw off the ledge at the top of the stairs. It fell about ten feet and shattered on impact. The toy in question is one given to him by his grandfather, and really rather a treasured possession. Needless to see, he was inconsolable.
After the situation had been brought to within managable parameters (the UN were briefly involved) we ended up with him in bed, and it was prayer time.
Through heart-rending sobs he thanked God for the week we’d had, for the swimming we’d done that morning and for various other things. He also prayed for his chainsaw. I’m certain that this thanks could be uttered in part because of the habit he has got himself into of thanking God every night (usually with a long list of things!).
Praising Him through the good times may well help us to keep praising Him through the tears.

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