New beginnings … every day.

There’s been another long gap in my blog posting…  And I’m mulling over the need for another ‘new beginning’ – a kick up the backside (which is difficult to do to oneself with any sort of force) and a fresh impetus.

Yesterday was the start of a new school year for us.  It would be easy to cynically think, ‘this is just an excuse to crowbar a cute first day of school photo into a post’.  And here that photo is:

First day at school

But what is it about such photos?  I wonder if it’s maybe that they encapsulate the wonder and excitement (and tend to mask remarkably well any apprehension!) of those new beginnings.  A fresh start.  A preparedness to do something new.  Maybe it’s the new (or slightly second hand, in our case!) uniform being sported for the first time.  Anticipation.  Eagerness. 

But this photo was taken yesterday.  Yesterday was a day of fresh starts.  A new term.  New classroom, new teachers, new routines.  And today?  Well, today can also be a day of fresh starts.  Every day is a new day.  And that can be where the fresh starts begin to get hard.  To approach today with the same enthusiasm as yesterday.  And when we’re doing the same thing day in and day out, to see each day’s opportunities, which are pretty much the same as yesterday’s, with an eagerness that belies their familiarity.  It’s darn hard.  It’s not easy to view the 100th day of any venture in quite the same light as the 1st. 

Today is a new day.  And tomorrow will be a new day too.

What might you be able to do to see today as a fresh start, regardless of how familiar its routines might be?


Oh, and for your amusement, here’s another of those ‘first day of school’ photos.  This one was taken some years earlier…

Tim and Nick first day

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