Knowing Jesus.

I preached again on Sunday (at this point, I always think of my vicar friends, who must be shrugging and thinking ‘meh, join the club’).

The link is here

And the basic thrust of it was that it pays to know Jesus.  The passage was Matthew 11:20-30.  We watched this rather rousing video:

Which is a slightly edited version of a fairly well-known thing that was doing the rounds a few years ago (and was recorded a while before that…)

But the main drive, really, was that it’s pretty amazing that we can know Jesus at all.  And when we really do know Jesus, it demands repentance (a turning to Him and submitting to His Kingship) and brings rest.  Not a rest that involves doing nothing.  Not a rest that relies on what we’re doing or where we are, but a rest that comes from where we’re going and who we’re with.  That is to say, it’s a rest that brings peace, not idleness.

And I was listening to a friend’s sermon this morning, as I walked the dog, and was reminded of the fact that I am ‘in Christ’, and as such, I am holy.  Although we think of our imperfections often, we need to remember we are holy.  God looks at me and sees Jesus’ perfection.

It pays to know Jesus.

Do you know Him?

P.S.  If you get a chance to listen to the sermon, I’d really welcome some feedback.  I’m still kinda new to this preaching thing (perhaps not chronologically, but certainly in terms of frequency!).

If this blog post feels as fractured and poorly-written to you as it feels to me, I apologise.  I’m rather weary, and have five other ‘talks’ to write this week, so am a bit pressed for time…

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