Easter Saturday.

I wonder if you’ve ever had to wait for something.  Traffic jams annoy us.  That tinny music on the other end of the line that signifies no-one’s listening, that’s pretty tedious.  But what if it’s something really important?  What if it’s life and death?

Because that’s what Easter Saturday means to me.  That waiting.  That pain.  That distress and confusion. The questioning.  The dull ache.

Of course, we know the outcome.  But on this day, above all others, I try to put myself in the place of those disciples.  As their worst Sabbath ever comes to a close, and they question the past, and fear the future.  The confusion, the terror, the sheer hopelessness.  And I’m so grateful that, even as I take my place with them in that locked room, it’s with one eye on tomorrow, and the hope that’s ready to explode into our fallen humanity.

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