Who to betray…

I wrote this on facebook yesterday:

I’m finding this whole election thing very difficult this year. I guess one reason is that, whichever party I vote for, I know that I will be betraying some of my own values, and their policies will betray people I care about. It’s kind of tough deciding what and who to betray.
I know, it’s entirely possible to consider things from a more positive point of view – establishing which party most agrees with my own convictions and priorities, but for some reason, my overriding feeling this time round is just negative. Whoever I choose, someone’s screwed.

I look at every party (well, I’m kinda stuck looking at the ‘big 5’, because no-one else is standing around here) and see stuff that I like.

I love the Green Party’s stance on the environment.  I think, as a Christian, they tick a lot of boxes in the stewardship sort of thing (though most of them wouldn’t call it that).  I also love what happened on Twitter this morning:

I think that willingness to engage with an ‘undecided’ is pretty important.  But I think it’s important to engage with the ‘decideds’ too 🙂

I like our local (Conservative) MP, and think she’s done some good stuff around here.  She’s very involved in government, attending more debates and governmenty stuff [I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term] than your average MP.

I like the Lib Dem’s desire to look after the NHS.  Ironic, that the health service is itself in ill-health…

I like Labour’s approach to welfare, and accept that taxes may have to rise as a result.

I like UKIP’s colour scheme.  I’ve always been a fan of purple.

But equally, there are things from each party that are troubling.

The Greens seem to be in support of euthansia, which I’m absolutely not, and disestablishing religion (which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I’m against anyway).

The Conservatives appear to prioritise the wealth of the wealthy over the needs of the needy, and I think that flies in the face of godly living.

Labour worry me because of their history of overspending.  Of course, that came at an economically tricky time, but if I tried to spend money that didn’t exist, I’d get into trouble.

UKIP just worry me.  I’m sure there are level-headed people in the party, but the focus on immigration and the sheer numbers of numpties who are verging on seeking Aryanism is disturbing to say the least.

Lib Dem’s are (clue’s in the name here) just a bit too liberal for me.  I’m more conservative (with a little ‘c’) than they are.  Just looking at the overview of their policies has me thinking, ‘oooh, no…’  a fair amount.

So you see my problem?  At some point in the next six hours, I need to go and vote, and I’m still struggling to work out who to vote for.  Natalie Bennett almost clinched it by actually tweeting me (perhaps you think that’s fickle), but I then have the problem that polls suggest Greens would get about 2% of the vote where I am, which raises the question of whether I should be voting tactically or not…  Oh dear.

As I said at the start, I fear that, whatever my choice, someone’s going to get completely done over.  But I am truly grateful that I get to vote.  I’m also very grateful that, whoever my MP turns out to be for the next few years, I’m perfectly able to contact them and put my views across. Whether or not I voted for them, that’s what they’re there for.  I hope I’ll be more engaged in politics in the coming years.

Having said that, I think I’ve effectively ruled out two parties.  Two more to go…  Plenty of time.

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