Indelible faith.

It’s likely that a couple of posts in the coming days will be inspired by and linked to our trip to Big Church Day Out this week.

As we wandered around the Bazaar resources tent thingy, there was the opportunity to see a great range of Christian organisations and learn about the work that they do.  It’s such a challenge to see how people have taken their faith in God and love for Him and turned that into action in so many different arenas.

One stall was Release International, who work with persecuted Christians.  As a way of standing with those who suffer persecution for their faith, we were invited to be stamped with #IAMCHRISTIAN.  We duly offered up our arms to the stamper, and got our freebie wristbands in return for arm space.

IamXnBut that act in itself got me thinking.  We had our arms stamped with #IAMCHRISTIAN.  But it was only temporary.  It’s already started to fade.  Mine’s washed off completely, the photo of Big Boy’s shows his is fading too (he’s obviously not as bothered about washing…)  photo(2)And I found myself wondering whether that’s sometimes how I treat faith.  Something that can be washed off when I don’t want it so obvious, and reapplied in certain circles.  More of a temporary tattoo than anything else.  How do we maintain an indelible faith?  How do we ensure that our allegiance to Christ is engraved on our hearts and flows through our blood, rather than just decorating our lives when we are moving in the right circles?

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