I’m tired.

Yes, really quite weary.  Last night, I felt really quite odd – a bit out of it and with a lovely headache.  I’m attempting to mask the tiredness with liberal quantities of caffeine and sugar.  By way of illustration, I can tell you I made a valuable contribution to the disappearance of two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s last night (with only two other people assisting in this venture).  Sadly, this ‘solution’ to the problem of tiredness ceased to be effective quite some time ago.

You see, I don’t need sugar or caffeine.  I need sleep.

And that just got me pondering (which is a slower process when I’m pooped).  How often do I do that in other areas?  How often do I see a problem, and come up with a solution that really isn’t right?  Sleep’s an obvious one, of course, but there are others.  A difficult decision can be resolved by hiding from it.  The desire to be productive can be solved by filling time with absolutely anything.  Uncertainty can be solved by spending long enough on CandyCrush to forget what I was uncertain about.

But that really won’t do.  I need wisdom, not a speedy escape.  I need perseverance, not an alternative pace.  I need vision, not something else to look at.  I need clarity, not a sparkly distraction.

How about you?  Are there things that you do to ‘solve’ problems, all the while knowing that such solutions are inadequate?  They might hold things off for a while, but sooner or later, it’ll be patently obvious that they fall far short of solving anything.

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3 Responses to I’m tired.

  1. frmary66 says:

    Yup. That’s what I’m thinking: yup.

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