And it was so.

Exciting stuff – last week I got a copy of David Suchet’s audio Bible.  The entire NIV, read by David Suchet.  A big project for him, but one he was keen to do for years, apparently.  And if you want to get your hands on a half price copy, for the very tempting sum of £19.50, head over to Aslan Christian Books, where it’s currently on half price.

As soon as I got the audio Bible out of the packaging, I listened to Genesis 1 (it seemed like a good place to start).  One phrase jumped out at me.  It cropped up more than once during that first chapter:

“And it was so”

God spoke, and things happened.  ‘It was so’.  Just like that.  His word had power.  And that got me thinking.  Because when I read God’s word, it doesn’t always have that same effect on me.  I can read God’s word and ignore it.  I can read God’s word and forget it.  I can read God’s word and be choosey about which bits I’m going to take to heart.

And that, in turn, got me thinking about a film I love, called The Princess Bride.  (Stay with me, people, there’s a point!).  Here’s a clip (Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.  If you’re really pushed for time, watch from 0.33 to 1.11)

Because it struck me that that phrase ‘as you wish’ was akin to ‘and it was so’.  Buttercup (the young woman in the clip) merely spoke, and the response from Westley (‘Farmboy’) was obedience.  But it was obedience borne out of love.

And that needs to be more of a pattern in my response to God’s words.  This is how I should live.  God’s word is, the majority of time, pretty clear and easy to understand.  So a failure to do what He asks of me is a often a sign of disobedience, rather than misunderstanding.

So, as I listen to God’s word, read by David Suchet, I’m going to try to think more about how I can respond.  How I can say ‘As you wish’, in response to God’s instructions.

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2 Responses to And it was so.

  1. frmary66 says:

    When I played the beginning of Genesis to Tim and Karen, Tim and I (and possibly Karen!) were struck with “And there was evening…. and there was morning…” Like God is saying, “Hey, folks – there’s evening! And blow me down, there’s morning!”
    I’ve got to the end of Philemon today. I will actually be finishing the whole thing in the hoped-for 6 months! God be praised! It’s truly amazing. The only thing I really object to is that the introductions to the psalms are left out: they’re not later comments, they’re part of the original Hebrew verse system!

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