It’s been too long.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve got so much to write that I don’t know where to start, fearing that once I begin it’ll just be a torrent of ill-chosen or wasted words.  Words so desperate to get out that they’ll just tumble over each other and become muddled.  Nonsense in a big gush.  There are many things that I want to say, some that I can’t, and some that I shouldn’t.

I’m tired and uncertain and hopeful and stuck and searching and longing and thankful and loved and expectant and much, much more besides.  I want to write about the ordination process (which I will, hopefully, soon – suffice it to say it’s progressing and frustrating 🙂 )  I want to write about the book (which now has a publisher) I want to write about our news (which at this rate is going to be olds before I get around to writing about it) and I want to write about a host of other stuff … mental health, change, the garden, seasons.  Who knows if and when I’ll get to it all.  I want to write about church and chapel.  I want to write about our lovely boys.  I just want to write about life.  But at the moment, I’ve squeezed writing out.  I reckon there are some good reasons for that…

But for now, because it’s still January, let me just wish you a Happy New Year.

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  1. I like ‘olds’. Today I wrote ‘bads’ (as opposed to goods for sale) in a writing exercise. Sue

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