Ordination 11 – Training approaches!

You know those people who say they’ll do something and then they don’t (I’m pretty sure Jesus told a story about it…)?  That’s clearly me.  ‘I’ll keep you posted’, I say.  And then I don’t.  In my defence, anyone who follows me on Twitter or who is a friend on Facebook has known the BAP outcome for ages.  But even on those platforms I’ve been pretty quiet.

So, I’m through.  I got the call and the letter and the meeting and everything.  And I’ve been recommended for training.

The last few months have not all been plain sailing, though.  I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with sorting out my training.  I had visited St. John’s Nottingham, liked it, and been offered a place there.  It all seemed great, apart from the fact that the diocese seemed to be dragging their feet a little, while I was keen to get it all wrapped up.  But in a meeting in July (in the week we moved house, and two days before we went on our summer holiday!) I was told that St. John’s were not offering any ordination training this year.  Disaster!!  (Though it did make me think that was perhaps why the diocese had been a little slow!)

So it was back to square one and having to investigate other options.  The three front runners were a course delivered in Sheffield and housed in Mirfield (St. Hilds), Queen’s Birmingham, and The Derby Pathway (linked to AllSaints, which is based in Warrington)

Sheffield was very attractive – I visited Mirfield with the boys and loved it; the course felt like it would fit; they offered an MA.  However, the practical aspects were tricky.  Travel was further and more complicated.

The Derby Pathway likewise offered an MA, and was the geographically closest of the options.

Queen’s Birmingham was between the two in terms of travel time, although pretty straightforward on the train.  It didn’t offer an MA (well, not to me, anyway!).  However, the other big plus was that the course was delivered on Tuesday evenings.  St. John’s had been planning to deliver on Tuesday evenings, so we’d already planned our lives around me being away Tuesday evenings, and while this practicality wasn’t the most important factor, it did make life much easier.

Queen’s is therefore where I’m going.  Brilliantly, I was able to take Anna and the boys and Mum and Dad for a look round a couple of weeks ago, which was really nice, both for me and for them.

It won’t be without its challenges, and there are doubtless things I’ll struggle with, but I felt it was the right place to be.

That’s a really, really abbreviated version of the story.  But at least you’re all a little more up to date now 🙂

Prayers for this next stage, for all of us as a family, would be most welcome.  More of that in a later post (probably around December at the current rate of updates!).

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