Ordination 12 – Training begins.

It’s actually happening, folks.  The induction weekend has begun.  This is not a drill…


I arrived a little while ago and have been hiding in my room ever since.  (Just kidding – I am in my room, but it doesn’t count as hiding … not yet, anyway).

Felt a bit weird on the train coming down, to be honest.  It’s scarily real now (and really scary, obviously!).  Have a vague idea of some of the topics that will be covered in lectures, and I have a vague idea of my way around the site.  But the big stuff, the important stuff; it’s all still a bit of a mystery.  Who knows what I’m going to look and feel like in three years’ time…

Things kick off with Opening Worship at 6 (Oh my goodness, is someone singing as I type? they clearly haven’t lived in community!)  Feel I should brush my teeth before heading down.  First impressions, and all that (can’t do much about the face, sadly).  Then it’s the evening meal, introductions (hoping for no death-defyingly cringey icebreakers), and relax (i.e., hope to find a hot chocolate in the bar, and then go to bed!).

Room is basic, but pleasant enough.  I’d like a nice, relaxing armchair, but you can’t win ’em all!  There’s a little mystery door that I’m going to have to investigate, but I’ll keep you posted on that one.  Should probably hustle down to chapel (don’t worry, I won’t forget my teeth!).

Would value prayers right now for all of us who are embarking on this crazy calling.  We need all the prayers we can muster!

Edit:  The wifi here is such that I typed this and endeavoured to post it at 6:00, but it didn’t work and it’s now 9:00 and I’ve finally managed!

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