Return to blogging…

Ah, who am I kidding?
I haven’t blogged for over a year, apparently. Not really sure why. Somewhere on the spectrum between not sure what to say, and not bothering to say it, in all likelihood.
Lots has happened. Maybe I’ll write about it some day, but quite possibly not. If I do come back to blogging more frequently, you’ll probably be treated to snippets from time to time…  I can almost hear the expressions of unrivalled excitement at this 🙂
For now, I just wanted to pass a little comment on this news story:
I’m always interested in stories from my childhood home. A lot of people probably have some vague ideas about Pakistan, but, mediated as they often are through the Western media, much of this will be somewhat skewed. This article is worth a read (though is longer than this blog by quite some margin!). But it you don’t have the time or inclination to read it right now, it is, in essence, about generosity in Pakistan and how people are looking after those most in need at this time. Something in the closing paragraph particularly grabbed my attention.

We Pakistanis believe that one good deed begets another, and perhaps our generosity will spread faster than the virus

I wonder if we might be able to spread compassion and generosity faster than the virus. There are definite glimmers of this already – folk in our village have set up a support structure for anyone who needs it. I’m aware that many people are looking out for others more than we might normally. In what is for many a dark time, maybe we can bring some light. I know this is hardly a novel idea, but I want to add my voice to those who have already expressed it. 

These are obviously uncertain times, but as a Christian, I’m confident that they haven’t taken God by surprise. I’m also confident that God can be at work through it all, and invites me to be a part of that – sharing love and compassion that knows no boundaries, a love and compassion that cannot ever be locked down. 

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2 Responses to Return to blogging…

  1. frmary66 says:

    Oh, if I do reply to sender, I do get you.  So where does cousin Stephen fit in?!

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