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Ordination 6 – Behold, the panel cometh…

Today is Friday.  And tomorrow is the Diocesan Panel.  Am I nervous?  I’m not really sure.  Earlier this week, I was feeling very calm.  I did wonder if it was a sort of being-in-the-eye-of-the-storm feeling.  I wasn’t sure if it … Continue reading

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Habit of a lifetime…

I wonder how you’re doing with the habits you want to develop and keep.  I wonder if you’re sailing through life with daily gym visits, or prayer times, or reading, or letter writing, or playing Candy Crush, or whatever it … Continue reading

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Let me clarify at the start (can you clarify before saying anything?  Probably not…).  This is not simply an excuse to display a bunch of holiday snaps.  But Joshua and I had a little trip to some historical sites on … Continue reading

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A Christian Survival Guide [book] Ed Cysomething-or-other

I guess this comes across in many ways as quite a gentle book. It doesn’t ask a great deal, but neither does it shy away from challenge and deep questioning. There’s some useful and ‘real’ stuff on Christian life. You … Continue reading

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Indelible faith.

It’s likely that a couple of posts in the coming days will be inspired by and linked to our trip to Big Church Day Out this week. As we wandered around the Bazaar resources tent thingy, there was the opportunity … Continue reading

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I see the stars…

When did you last look at the stars?  We have the great joy of living in a village, which means less light pollution, which in turn means more stars.  More vivid stars.  I go through phases of standing in our … Continue reading

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Holiday Romances.

This is a very slightly edited version of a post I originally wrote around this time last year.  It’s something I still feel strongly about. ——————————————————————————————— I went to Spring Harvest over half a lifetime ago.  (For those who don’t … Continue reading

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