How it all began

For the sake of simplicity, ‘how it all began’ will try to limit itself to this blog, and the book that’s due to come with it, rather than a full bio of my life…
Basically, I figure that if there are other Christians out there like me, then there are a whole bunch of people who want and try to live holy lives.  In our attempts, we have lots of failure, but also lots to celebrate.  The book and the blog are an attempt to bring together a whole load of thoughts and suggestions about living holy lives.  It’s rooted in the Bible, because holiness doesn’t come from our achievements, but from God’s loving blessing.  Without His work, we’ll never be more holy, but without our own efforts, He’s unlikely to be applying holiness to us willy-nilly.  It’s amazing that God loves us and wants us to be holy, and equally amazing that we are a part of that process.  The book came from a conversation I had with Mike Pilavachi back in 2008.  We recognised that many young people have a longing to be holy, but that there was little on offer to help them in this.  I had some time on my hands, so I wrote the book.  Now I’m just waiting for a publisher!

2 Responses to How it all began

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  2. Bonsai says:

    Your goals are noble. And there is a long archive. Where is everyone? This is a great blog!

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