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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made [book]

In a sense, this sort of starts as a book review and ends as a blog post… I first read this book quite some time ago.  It is by Paul Brand (and Philip Yancey – my impression is that Paul … Continue reading

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Epic Fail [Book]

This is a book review, not a self-depracating post… (I wrote this post a while back, but forgot to publish it!) I was given a book this week which, contrary to the rules, I read straight away.  It was a … Continue reading

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The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy. [book]

This is a book about chronic illness.  It’s written by a doctor who has experienced M.E.  This gives it the potential to be good on more than one level, and it is! I should probably point out at the outset … Continue reading

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Let me clarify at the start (can you clarify before saying anything?  Probably not…).  This is not simply an excuse to display a bunch of holiday snaps.  But Joshua and I had a little trip to some historical sites on … Continue reading

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A Christian Survival Guide [book] Ed Cysomething-or-other

I guess this comes across in many ways as quite a gentle book. It doesn’t ask a great deal, but neither does it shy away from challenge and deep questioning. There’s some useful and ‘real’ stuff on Christian life. You … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Christian [book] by Brian McLaren.

I am way behind with my book reviewing.  Years behind, it would appear.  I live in hope that I’ll be catching up soon, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Background – chat with my parents about church and … Continue reading

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New beginnings … every day.

There’s been another long gap in my blog posting…  And I’m mulling over the need for another ‘new beginning’ – a kick up the backside (which is difficult to do to oneself with any sort of force) and a fresh … Continue reading

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