Eyes Turned Skyward [book]

Okay, so perhaps you’ve detected a link here between the last two books I’ve read.  Well, this one is another MAF book.  As such, it has the downside of nurturing the wanderlust in me.
However, I found this (like the last one!) a fabulously enjoyable read.  The stories are filled with adventure and excitement, but also grounded in the reality of a life lived in service of God.  There are, as you would expect, both triumphs and tragedies.  One chapter tells the story of Max and a friend’s trip to a remote island to return a boy on the verge of death to his home.  It’s a tale of the somewhat odd coupling of grief and gratitude.  An island people weighed down with their sorrow, yet thankful for the work of Max and his friend in returning their boy to them.
Many of the chapters conclude with a sort of ‘thought’ that brings the story back to God.  Maybe His provision, or His comfort, His power or His love.  Thus it is a book rooted in God, reflecting a life rooted in Him.
Meyers also tells of one Samberigi passenger on his first ever flight.
“‘You no gat pret?’ I asked him.  (‘Aren’t you afraid’)
 … ‘skin bilong mi tasol i pret.’  (‘Only my skin is afraid’) …
‘What about the rest of you?’ I asked again.  ‘What about under your skin?’
‘I am not afraid under my skin,’ he said.  ‘You see, I know the One who made the mountains.  I know the One who made the rocks and the trees.  I know the One who made the clouds and the rain for today.  He has told me that I don’t need to be afraid.  Why?  Because He lives in me.  Inside my skin, and He has promised never to leave me.  Because of that, I am not afraid.’
The book is an amazing testimony to the work of MAF, to the dedication of those who serve through this mission, some of whom give their lives in the line of duty.  But above all, it’s a testimony to God, who calls people to serve Him, and then journeys with them as they do so.

P.S.  Clicking on the picture of the book will take you to the MAF website.  They don’t charge for the book, as such, but suggest a donation of £6.  I would suggest ordering copies through them, rather than elsewhere, as I suspect they get more if you do.

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